Copy old drive to new drive - is it possible?

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Sat Feb 21 10:41:04 PST 2004

> Hi, I have a hard drive which is on its last legs. I also have new hard
> drive to replace the old one. I was wondering if it is possible to
> simply copy everything from the old drive to the new (after formating
> the new drive) and have my system back up and running, or do I need to
> reinstall the OS and everything else?

Sure - if you can put the new drive in a second slot.  
       and if nothing dynamically changing must be preserved.
       Probably doing it in single is enough to handle this.

  FDISK and disklabel the new drive as needed with Boot Manager/MBR and
        boot blocks included as needed.
  mount the file systems on the new drive to temporary mount points
  use dump piped to restore to move files from old drive to the new
  Swap the drives so the new one is in the boot slot

Read and understand the fdisk and disklabel man pages before you get started.


> Tips, URL's or a simple 'from personal experience, best to reinstall'
> comments more than welcome.
> Thanks for your time.
> -Tig
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