SOLVED: Storigen ES Reboots and LCD types

Joe Lewis joe at
Fri Feb 20 09:40:10 PST 2004

Found the problem with booting the Storigen 1U servers :

They are based on the Tyan Thunder S2510 (Serverworks III) motherboards, 
and they have DSDT tables that are not initialized properly.  Adding the 
following line to the /boot/loader.conf file fixed it :


There is also a way to reset this in the hints file (a dsdt variable), 
but I have not done this.

And, with the LCD questions, one of the servers had a "refurbished" LCD, 
that still had the original manufacturer's name and model number 
(Phew!).  It is a Matrix Orbital LK162 (R200).  Does anyone know how to 
identify and control the stupid card in between the LCD and the 
motherboard?  I want to display data to that LCD, but the controller is 
not allowing me to do so.


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