4.9-RELEASE + XP Pro problem

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at clunix.cl.msu.edu
Fri Feb 20 07:13:39 PST 2004

> Hello All,
> I'm having a hell of a time getting XP Pro and 4.9 on the same drive.
> I've tried various ways to get them to co-exist to no avail.
> Here's what I'm trying to accomplish;
> 30 GB HD total
> First 24 GB = XP
> Last 6 GB = 4.9
> Installed XP first, then 4.9, said NONE at the boot menu during install.

There is your problem right there.   
You should have selected the full MBR.
Then everything would have fallen in place with none of that 
other fixboot stuff at all.

Just make sure your XP is fully installed first and boots OK
Then install FreeBSD and select the MBR (not 'none' and not 'standard')

After that, when you boot, it will come up and prompt something like:
  F1 = Dos  
  F2 = FreeBSD

Hit the appropriate function key and it boots.  Skip pressing a key
and it boots to the system it was most previously in.

If you have more than just XP and FreeBSD, such as the machine I am
currently typing on has a Dell Maintenance slice, then the function
key selection will look a little different, but essentially the same.
If your XP is using an NTFS file system the prompt might be ???  as in
  F1 = ???          (Dell Maintenance)
  F2 = ???          (XP NTFS slice)
  F3 = FreeBSD      (Obviously, FreeBSD)

That can be a little annoying, but can be lived with.  If you
can't live with it, once you get things all done, you can install
a more elaborate boot loader that will allow you to fix up the
labels, such as grub.

This all works just fine if you just do the right thing and don't try 
to outguess it.

> Went to reboot and bsd had taken over either the boot sector or the mbr.
> Tried xp recovery console, fixmbr, fixboot, nothing worked, bsd continues
> to boot up by default.

Yes, because you did not install the MBR at install time.  So, the none
effectively only knows how to boot FreeBSD.


> What I want is to have the nt boot loader give the choice to boot into
> bsd by using the boot1 -> bootsect.bsd method in boot.ini.


> What I'm I doing wrong here?
> Thanks,
> Joel
> _______________________________________________

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