5.1-RELEASE - UDMA ICRC error - falling back to PIO mode

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at be-well.ilk.org
Fri Feb 20 06:16:09 PST 2004

"Rajamani, Rajarajan (Rajarajan)" <rrajarajan at lucent.com> writes:

> I am running 5.1-RELEASE on a DELL GX150 with 512MB RAM on which I installed a new WD-1600JB IDE along
> with the promise UDMA100 controller which came along with the drive.  The drive can be accessed
> but the access speed is very slow and I noticed that dmesg shows the following
> 	ad4: UDMA ICRC error cmd=read fsbn 0 of 0-3 retrying 
> This repeats and is followed by
> 	ad4: UDMA ICRC error cmd=read fsbn 0 of 0-3 falling back to PIO mode
> I have changed the PCI slot on which the card is seated, changed cables and even hooked 
> the drive directly to the mother board but the problem persists. 
> The disc+controller however works ok on a wintel machine. Could it be some type of hard disc error ?

Possible, but not terribly likely.  [Unless it's actually running in
PIO mode on Windows also.]

Does the same occur on FreeBSD 5.2 or 4.9?

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