SOLVED: apsfilter and margins

Eric F Crist ecrist at
Thu Feb 19 22:48:24 PST 2004

Here's a little howto for those of you who are having problems with faulty 
margins with apsfilter.  I'm personally using a Brother HL-1440, but the 
general idea still applies to all printers.

1) Edit the file /usr/local/share/gho.stscript/7.07/lib/ and add %! on 
a line by itself, before anything else.

2) type lpr /usr/local/share/ghostscript/7.07/lib/ and you will get a 
page that has two lines, intersecting in the lower left corner.

3) Follow the instructions on the page that prints to compute the numbers you 
need to enter.

4) Create a file called /etc/ that contains the following:

<< /.HWMargins [18 0 18 0] /Margins [0 -90] >> setpagedevice

Your numbers will vary from mine.  This is for a Brother HL-1440 Laser 
printer. (The bottom margin on mine is very low on the page, but I don't 
loose any text.  Changing the bottom value seems to cut off text.)

Make certain that this file is world readable.  
#chmod a+r /etc/

5) Edit the file /usr/local/etc/apsfilter/apsfilterrc and find the line near 
the bottom containing PS_INIT (currently commented out).

6) Uncomment the line and change it to read:


7) Print a test page!  Play with those numbers in the /etc/ file 
until you get the margins you're looking for.  You do not need to restart lpd 
in order for changes to take effect.

Hope you all enjoy this!
Eric F Crist
AdTech Integrated Systems, Inc
(612) 998-3588

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