Error 127 During Makeinstall of 4.8 to 4.9 Upgrade

Bob Perry rperry4 at
Thu Feb 19 22:08:31 PST 2004

Matthew Seaman wrote:

>On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 12:52:48AM -0500, Bob Perry wrote:
>>I googled (first time ever for FreeBSD issues) as suggested and found
>>the message you referred to.  My system date/time was 5 hours off, if I
>>remember correctly, so I set the time with 'date 0402172134' and started
>>my  upgrade again with 'make buildworld'.   Everything ran smoothly,
>>except for mergemaster...still not 100% with that function yet.  I
>>rebooted successfully, around 12:30am but my system clock is back to the
>>5-hour difference as before reading 5:30 am.  Must have set it
>>incorrectly.  Will have to read the man date page more thoroughly.
>It sounds to me as if your bios or CMOS clock is set to wall-clock
>time, which is the norm for windows systems, rather than to UCT, which
>is the norm for Unix systems.  We can also deduce that you are
>probably located on the US East coast... Since the system clock is set
>from the bios clock at reboot time, this explains the observed
>You can fix this behavoiur using /usr/sbin/tzsetup -- the first dialog
>    Is this machines CMOS clock set to UTC?
I remember running this command during installation.  I selected "No" 
because I
wasn't sure and proceeded per installation instructions.

>If your machine is dedicated to FreeBSD you should answer 'Yes'.
Selected "Yes" this time around and subsequently set BIOS clock accordingly.

>  If
>you have a Windows partition on the machine that you sometimes boot
>into, you should answer 'No'.  Then go through and choose an
>appropriate timezone for your machine.
>If you answer 'No' to that question, a zero-length file
>/etc/wall_cmos_clock will be created, which cues the system to account
>for the difference between wall-clock and UCT when referring to the
>CMOS clock.
>Otherwise, you should go into your system BIOS and set the clock to
>the correct UCT time.
I rebooted and this seems to work.


FreeBSD 4.9-RELEASE-p2 #0

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