newbie: no route to host

Marty Landman MLandman at
Mon Feb 16 09:53:15 PST 2004

Sorry, I have looked around and also am going to d/l later today so once I run htdig on my local 
doc site these sorts of things may be easier for me look up.

Meantime I reinstalled fbsd 4.8 rel last week and don't know how to fix my 
internet connection.

%ping -c2
PING ( 56 data bytes
ping: sendto: No route to host
ping: sendto: No route to host

--- ping statistics ---
2 packets transmitted, 0 packets received, 100% packet loss

My lan has dialup through [delliver] which shares using ics on 
xp. Works fine for my rh9, debian woody, and w98 boxes and used to work 
fine on this too till I started over again.


%ifconfig -a
         inet netmask 0xffffff00 broadcast
         inet6 fe80::220:afff:fe4d:24b7%ep0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x1
         ether 00:20:af:4d:24:b7
         media: Ethernet 10baseT/UTP
lp0: flags=8810<POINTOPOINT,SIMPLEX,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
faith0: flags=8002<BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
lo0: flags=8049<UP,LOOPBACK,RUNNING,MULTICAST> mtu 16384
         inet6 ::1 prefixlen 128
         inet6 fe80::1%lo0 prefixlen 64 scopeid 0x4
         inet netmask 0xff000000
ppp0: flags=8010<POINTOPOINT,MULTICAST> mtu 1500
sl0: flags=c010<POINTOPOINT,LINK2,MULTICAST> mtu 552

Thanks in advance.

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