System hangs when I go from X to console (nvidia)

Wayne Sierke ws+freebsd-questions at
Thu Feb 19 12:12:02 PST 2004

On Fri, 2004-02-20 at 04:31, Graeme Smith wrote:
> I wonder if anybody has had this problem or can tell me what to try   
> next.
> I installed a Geforce 2 400 MX into my machine yesterday and actually 
> succeeded in getting it to work with X after 12 hours.  All apart 
> from from one annoying detail anyway.  When I leave X, either by 
> ctrl+alt+bs or ctrl+alt+f[1-8] or rebooting etc. the machine becomes 
> totally non responsive as soon as it tries to go into console.  I 
> have to switch off and switch on (no reset button) to get it back to 
> life.  I think my hard drives are going to start a petition soon to 
> make me stop.
> I've tried the VESA, nv and nvidia drivers for X and all seem to 
> exhibit this in one form or another.  I've tried loading with and 
> without the VESA driver at boot with no apparent difference. At the 
> moment I'm using the nvidia drivers. 
I have a similar issue with an MX440SE. From what I've read the likely
candidate is ACPI (try disabling it with option 2 from the FreeBSD boot
menu). Works for me. I'm using the nv driver from the XFree port, you
might need to research further for using the nvidia-supplied drivers.


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