Problems with Apache 1.3 segfaulting in 5.2.1-RC?

Dirk-Willem van Gulik dirkx at
Wed Feb 18 14:22:32 PST 2004

On Feb 18, 2004, at 5:38 PM, Linh Pham wrote:

> Has anyone ran into problems with Apache 1.3.x segfaulting (signal 11)
> under FreeBSD 5.2.1-RC[12]? I had to recently re-install FreeBSD on my
> home server and grabbed the latest src-all for RELENG_5_2, which ended
> up being for 5.2.1-RC2. Afterwards, I compiled and installed Apache 1.3
> plus PHP5 and PostgreSQL and got it up and running without any 
> problems.
Easiest thing is to obtain a core dump; see the man page for 'ulimit', 
'/etc/login.conf' and the apache directive for this.

Otherwise - if it happens a LOT - you can run (from screen if needed)

	gdb /usr/local/sbin/httpd -X

it will then run single process/thread mode; and if there is a segfault 
inmediately see the culprit. This is generally too slow for a production
server; but will easily handle hobby sites.

Given your setup my guess is some PHP5 plugin (I had similar issues
until I fixed/recompiled gd).


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