Logitech Quickcam Express USB

Paul A. Hoadley paulh at logicsquad.net
Wed Feb 18 06:18:56 PST 2004

On Wed, Feb 18, 2004 at 06:11:40AM -0500, Osmany Guirola Cruz wrote:

> i expect that FreeBSD team do something about this "I think that its
> a bad idea try to find the solution with Linux reverse engineering

The problem is that Logitech hasn't released the details on how to
communicate with the device.  There's not much anyone can do about
that.  I suspect the difficulty you'll have in getting the 'FreeBSD
team [to] do something about this' is that it's just not a very
interesting problem---there are other cameras around with open
specifications.  Certainly I gave up on the QuickCam in pretty short
order and just got another camera.


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