troubles installing dos on doscmd

dave dmehler26 at
Tue Feb 17 21:40:31 PST 2004

    I've got a 5.1 box that i'm trying to install dos as a virtual disk on
doscmd. As root i changed the permissions of my /dev/fd0.1440 device to 666,
because i was getting the error: doscmd unable to boot. As a normal user i
created a .doscmdrc file:

assign A: /dev/fd0.1440 1440
assign hard boot_drive 80 2 2

then did:
touch boot_drive
I then put in a windows 95 startup disk, and did again as a normal user:
mwrite /usr/libdata/doscmd/ a:
which worked fine no errors. Then finally i did:
which hit the floppy drive then i got an error 15, and a bunch of hexcodes.
The complete message is below. Any help appreciated.

Unknown interrupt 15 function 4101
Unknown interrupt 15 function 87f8
Signal 4 from DOS program

ax=3195 bx=757d cx=004e dx=4e41
si=0026 di=22ca sp=17be bp=13c0
cs=757d ss=757d ds=757d es=8cd9
ip=73c7 eflags=b0217
f0 0f 00 30 f0 67 00 30 f0 68 00 30 f0 69 00 30
lock (bad)
doscmd: fatal error 757d:73c7 Illegal instruction

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