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Mon Feb 16 03:07:09 PST 2004

On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 01:13:16 -0800 (PST)
Olga Zenkova <siro200 at> wrote:

> Hi!
> Some of my FreeBSD users get to much spam daily. What
> tools can anybody advice to stop it? Now I have
> sendmail with access.db, which is already used but I
> think it is not very effective at all. May be other
> mail daemon or some additional tools for sendmail?

Give a try to ports/mail/dspam; it uses a combined bayesian algorithm.
If you have problems just email me privately and I'll be glad to help.
but it's extremely easy to setup. User must just fw the spams to an
alias you set up for them.

Here are some statistics:

NGStats for Jan 28, 2004:
43 Systems Participating
639,217 Spams Caught
1,008,491 Innocent Msgs Scanned
758 False Positives
0.07% False Positive Ratio

After the training period (some of this systems are very recently
installed), the results are better, about 99.75 - 99.9% with 0.01-0.10%
FP rate.

>From which uses something called Bayesian Dobly to filter Bayesian Noise
the results seems to be 99.953% ratio and no false positives.


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