Linux patch for reading ufs2

Niraj Kumar niraj17 at
Sun Feb 15 20:22:53 PST 2004


Thanks for testing this stuff.

Vladimir Kushnir wrote:

>>First off - thanks a bunch, now I don't need to reboot every time I forgot to 
>>copy some files to Linux. 
>>Tested and works here: ad0: 57241MB <WDC WD600JB-00CRA1>;
>>ad0s2 - current -CURRENT (everything in UFS2);
>>ad0s5 - Mandrake 9.2 + kernel 2.6.2 + p{1,2}.txt
>>There is a file though (emovix distro in ports/distfiles) which Linux gives an 
>>input/output error on. More precisely, it gives me 
>>"attempt to access beyond end of device
>>Buffer I/O error on device hde10, logical block ..." (several blocks).
>>Under FreeBSD - no errors on this file so it doesn't seem like HD problem.
Well , what kind of file is this ? Is it a normal file or some device 
file , or symobolic link etc ...?
Can you send me the 'dmesg' output for this error (if there is any) ?
FYI , I have enabled some debugging messages in this patch , so you 
should be getting a lot
of debugging messages in 'dmesg' .

Any other input on this problem is welcome.


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