FTP difficulties 4.8R

matthew matthew at netway.com
Sun Feb 15 13:37:08 PST 2004

On Sun, 15 Feb 2004, Graham North wrote:

> This is my second call for help regarding ftp and network connections - if
> anyone out there can help, I would greatly appreciate some advice.
> I have loaded an older pc with FreeBSD 4.8 to run as a webserver.   It is
> behind a USR8000A router - the router has DHCP, NAT and firewall enabled.
> There is a second pc behind the router which runs WinXP, it operates well
> with email, http, it runs an ftp server and client fine (both are
> filezilla).  I downloaded my FreeBSD ISOs without difficulty... connection
> speeds using Filezilla ftp client on XP was 160KB/s (1.6Mbs) which is the
> maximum provided by my service - so my lines are okay.
> My FreeBSD box on the other hand is a different story.   It is a PII 166
> with only 48M of memory so I set it up as black screen - command line only.
> After the past month of starting to become familiar with the new OS I feel
> that most things are beginning to come together - my network connection
> really sucks though!!
> It does go outside and connect, sometimes I can ftp download some small
> files, most times the process stalls.   I generally need to open a new
> terminal to kill the process.

This sounds like an autonegotiation problem with the nic.
ifconfig fxp0 media 10BaseT/UTP etc...
until u get the setting the works best with router.

chaning nic can also do the job.

most people dont experience this because they dont have 20
different vendors and countless old/new nics.


> This makes it very difficult...   Most recently, I have been trying to
> install Samba to better network with the Windows machine - I cannot download
> files - aaarrgghhh!
> Can someone please shed some insight into something that I have done or
> neglected to do.  Something must be set badly or incompatibly that is
> creating these difficulties.  This OS is dependent on robust file transfers
> for updating and ports etc...HELP!
> My earlier message:
> Help!   I am a newbie who has set up a command line FreeBSD system on an XPI
> 166 laptop.
> Most things seem to work okay except the ftp - I have been struggling with
> this on and off for a couple of weeks.   To download some packages I ended
> up running ncftp and it was able to successfully operate but excruciatingly
> slowly (ie 950secs) for a download of about 1MB - I operate on ADSL - go
> figure.
> Both the regular and nc ftp packages seem prone to stalling.   My latest
> problems centre about trying to download some webpage files from another
> machine (WinXP) attached to (and behind) a USR router/firewall (yes the
> USRobotics firewall is enabled) my Freebsd one is not.   The ftp server is
> filezilla server on the WinXP machine.  I was starting with downloading a
> simple webpage to test apache - two files, index.htm and a small (30K) jpeg
> image.   Index file downloaded quickly, the jpeg stalled after 26K - and
> kept on stalling - same place.   When I tried using ncftp this time, it
> stalled at about 18K.  Things are set up well enough that I am able to
> connect to and navigate the server from my FreeBSD system. (can connect to
> FreeBSD.org server - but stall on downloads)
> Clearly there must be some basic setting that is incorrect or incompatible -
> perhaps related to my router - but am not too sure.
> The only reference which I could find was related to problems with
> tcp.recvspace being set at 56K for 4.8, but it seemed to refer to modem
> related problems.   In any event I was not able to change it.
> Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
> Graham/
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