FTP difficulties 4.8R

Graham North graham.north at telus.net
Sun Feb 15 13:31:17 PST 2004

This is my second call for help regarding ftp and network connections - if
anyone out there can help, I would greatly appreciate some advice.

I have loaded an older pc with FreeBSD 4.8 to run as a webserver.   It is
behind a USR8000A router - the router has DHCP, NAT and firewall enabled.
There is a second pc behind the router which runs WinXP, it operates well
with email, http, it runs an ftp server and client fine (both are
filezilla).  I downloaded my FreeBSD ISOs without difficulty... connection
speeds using Filezilla ftp client on XP was 160KB/s (1.6Mbs) which is the
maximum provided by my service - so my lines are okay.

My FreeBSD box on the other hand is a different story.   It is a PII 166
with only 48M of memory so I set it up as black screen - command line only.
After the past month of starting to become familiar with the new OS I feel
that most things are beginning to come together - my network connection
really sucks though!!

It does go outside and connect, sometimes I can ftp download some small
files, most times the process stalls.   I generally need to open a new
terminal to kill the process.
This makes it very difficult...   Most recently, I have been trying to
install Samba to better network with the Windows machine - I cannot download
files - aaarrgghhh!
Can someone please shed some insight into something that I have done or
neglected to do.  Something must be set badly or incompatibly that is
creating these difficulties.  This OS is dependent on robust file transfers
for updating and ports etc...HELP!

My earlier message:

Help!   I am a newbie who has set up a command line FreeBSD system on an XPI
166 laptop.
Most things seem to work okay except the ftp - I have been struggling with
this on and off for a couple of weeks.   To download some packages I ended
up running ncftp and it was able to successfully operate but excruciatingly
slowly (ie 950secs) for a download of about 1MB - I operate on ADSL - go

Both the regular and nc ftp packages seem prone to stalling.   My latest
problems centre about trying to download some webpage files from another
machine (WinXP) attached to (and behind) a USR router/firewall (yes the
USRobotics firewall is enabled) my Freebsd one is not.   The ftp server is
filezilla server on the WinXP machine.  I was starting with downloading a
simple webpage to test apache - two files, index.htm and a small (30K) jpeg
image.   Index file downloaded quickly, the jpeg stalled after 26K - and
kept on stalling - same place.   When I tried using ncftp this time, it
stalled at about 18K.  Things are set up well enough that I am able to
connect to and navigate the server from my FreeBSD system. (can connect to
FreeBSD.org server - but stall on downloads)
Clearly there must be some basic setting that is incorrect or incompatible -
perhaps related to my router - but am not too sure.
The only reference which I could find was related to problems with
tcp.recvspace being set at 56K for 4.8, but it seemed to refer to modem
related problems.   In any event I was not able to change it.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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