No More Daily Run Output

Ryan Merrick sandshrimp at
Sat Feb 14 02:23:23 PST 2004

craig at wrote:
> All,
> We've got a FreeBSD 4.7 box that's been running great for the last year and a 
> half or so.  We host our customer's email on this box using postfix.  Before 
> the FreeBSD box, we had two Linux boxes that hosted all of the email.  We've 
> since migrated over the accounts just recently.  Approximately one week ago, 
> the day after we moved over approximately 300 accounts, I no longer get 
> a 'daily run output' email.  I do stil get the security run output and a 
> pflogsumm report every morning.
> Ive tried running the 'periodic daily' manually, but I only get the security 
> report.
> Any ideas on where to begin troubleshooting this?
> Thanks!
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Check your #/etc/periodic.conf the daily_output can go to a file or a user.
daily_output="root" 	# user or /file

While your there check the daily_status_security_output for who the mail is 
sent to.
daily_status_security_output="root"                     # user or /file

All the Defaults are in #/etc/defaults/periodic.conf

A typical file is #/var/log/daily.log which is set in newsyslog to rotate.

Last thing to check is that your aliases for the user for the daily_output 
has a valid email address.

-Ryan Merrick
sandshrimp at

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