No More Daily Run Output

craig at craig at
Fri Feb 13 06:15:14 PST 2004


We've got a FreeBSD 4.7 box that's been running great for the last year and a 
half or so.  We host our customer's email on this box using postfix.  Before 
the FreeBSD box, we had two Linux boxes that hosted all of the email.  We've 
since migrated over the accounts just recently.  Approximately one week ago, 
the day after we moved over approximately 300 accounts, I no longer get 
a 'daily run output' email.  I do stil get the security run output and a 
pflogsumm report every morning.

Ive tried running the 'periodic daily' manually, but I only get the security 

Any ideas on where to begin troubleshooting this?


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