routing, 2 nics, and a default gateways

matthew matthew at
Thu Feb 12 14:37:38 PST 2004

On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, SixthSense Server Admin wrote:

> Hi list,
> I need help on this problem:
> I have 2 nics. The first has about 30 ips assigned to it and working
> correctly. The other was a backup nic for the ISP backup network, but its
> now I was asked to assign ips and a default gateway specification to
> it,because we ran out of usable ips on the 1st nic, so we have a new
> netblock ready for assignment.

Ok, you have 30 ips assigned by your ISP on your external nic. Gotcha.
You have lets say one ?private IP? on your internal nic.

> The trouble is, I don't know how to this
> remotely without cutting the internet access from this server. I thought
> on adding the ips to the 2nd nic (about 60 of them), but I don't know how
> I can make the default route for this nic to work. As far as i know, as
> soon as I type route add default gateway-of-2nd-nick ,the internet
> connection will be dropped. I don't know, have never tried this kind of
> setup. Any help would be appreciated!

Are these new ips all public ips assigned from your ISP?

Will some of these public ips be used on machines behind
the internal backup nic?

Since you have 30 ips on one nic you are well aware of
ifconfig fxp0 alias netmask
type of usage...

How about describing your goals better and maybe I can help.


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