routing, 2 nics, and a default gateways

SixthSense Server Admin admin at
Thu Feb 12 14:18:10 PST 2004

Hi list,

I need help on this problem:

I have 2 nics. The first has about 30 ips assigned to it and working
correctly. The other was a backup nic for the ISP backup network, but its
now I was asked to assign ips and a default gateway specification to
it,because we ran out of usable ips on the 1st nic, so we have a new
netblock ready for assignment. The trouble is, I don't know how to this
remotely without cutting the internet access from this server. I thought
on adding the ips to the 2nd nic (about 60 of them), but I don't know how
I can make the default route for this nic to work. As far as i know, as
soon as I type route add default gateway-of-2nd-nick ,the internet
connection will be dropped. I don't know, have never tried this kind of
setup. Any help would be appreciated!

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