Install on 486 with floppy reboots after mfsroot

Brent Bowman bbowman at
Thu Feb 12 13:26:24 PST 2004

Oh boy, I guess that I've either got to find more RAM, find an
older/stripped down version of FreeBSD, or give up.

I looked around a little, how would I find a skinnier version
of FreeBSD for this old box.  

Also, does anybody have any ideas (besides ebay) on how I would
find some really old 60ns SIMMS for that box for cheap?

Thanks so far, you've been quite responsive.


>--- Original Message ---
>From: Bob Johnson <bob88 at>
>To: bbowman at
>Date: 2/12/04 11:43:38 AM
Warren Block wrote:
>>On Thu, 12 Feb 2004, Brent Bowman wrote:
>>>> I get to the end of step  " Booting for the i386™"
 where it
>>>> tells to boot the kernel and no matter what I do, it just
reboots the
>>>> computer!  Therefore it looses whatever it tried to put
in memory and
>>>> starts over again.    How can I get it to go to the kernel
>>>> My Hardware:
>>>> IBM PS/Valuepoint 486  33MHz
>>>> 8 MB RAM
>> ^^^^^^^^^^
>> This is likely the problem.  The install needs more than 8M,
>> between 12 and 16M last I heard.
>> If it helps, I have a Valuepoint 486 DX2/66 with 32M of RAM
that runs
>> 4.8 flawlessly.
>I've got 4.9 running on a 486/33 with 20 MB of RAM, so if you
can scrape 
>up that much it should be sufficient.  It works fine as a personal
>server with Courier, except that the IMAP folders containing
over 10,000 
>messages cause huge amounts of thrashing when I open them. 
>several minutes.
>It also takes nearly three days to build 4.9 from source on
a 486/33...
>- Bob

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