Adam Bozanich abozan01 at
Thu Feb 12 13:25:57 PST 2004

On Fri, 13 Feb 2004, Umair Hussain wrote:

> can ne1 help me out here ........i need to send messages to my workstations
> on my windows network ofcourse im using a freebsd server plz can ne 1
> tell me wats the command for that..i need an altnerative for netsend(win2k)
> in freebsd.

man smbclient

       -M NetBIOS name
              This options allows you to send messages, using  the  "WinPopup"
              protocol,  to another computer. Once a connection is established
              you then type your message, pressing ^D (control-D) to end.

              If the receiving computer is  running  WinPopup  the  user  will
              receive the message and probably a beep. If they are not running
              WinPopup the message will be lost, and  no  error  message  will

              The  message  is  also automatically truncated if the message is
              over 1600 bytes, as this is the limit of the protocol.

Is this what you want?


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