root access to a custom .sh defined as shell;

Jerry McAllister jerrymc at
Thu Feb 12 12:41:48 PST 2004

> Am running a free server of shells in freeBSD 4.9, the amount of
> >people solicitading new accounts has been too much that i can not
> >handle them by me, so i wrote this .sh program to do it for me, my
> >code its secure as much i can tell, i understand the risk involve and
> >decide to do it anyways, soo i create a new group call 'shellauto',
> >add new user 'newuser' promote to 'wheel', then i modify etc/shells to
> >accept my new shell, so when some body logs to my server as 'newuser'
> >the server run my .sh (, everything works goodl but my
> >question is can i give my script root previlages ? so can
> >addusers without me? also if there is a way to type a command directly
> >to shell (bash) so i can define quotas of 1mb, and background procees
> >to 3?? that way i can include those commands to my
> >...thanks

You are not supposed to be able to make a shell script have SUID root
ability.    So, you either need to write a wrapper in C that calls
it or just rewrite the whole thing in C.


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