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Thu Feb 12 05:38:02 PST 2004


Keep in mind that the "bat book" is the definitive reference on sendmail
but also written to cover the widest possible user base as far as OS is
concerned. Keep it handy and refer to it often for getting to know all
the available options, rulesets, header formats, etc. but read it with
this in mind.

What you really want is FreeBSD-specific information. For that, as
always, refer to the FreeBSD Handbook. I
believe it has almost a step-by-step on "smtp authentication" using
cyrus-sasl. I've also found the cyrus website
( to be very helpful in understanding the
relationship between it and sendmail. Also, take a peak at the If I recall correctly, the FAQ has some useful
information on authentication using sendmail.

Having done this myself the best advice I can offer is really take the
time to read the directions carefully over a couple cups of coffee (or
whatever your preferred poison) -- take your time with it.

Good luck


On Wed, 11 Feb 2004 15:56:48 -0800
Jason Williams <jwilliams at> wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I've been hacking away at Sendmail for the past couple days, trying to
> learn it and set it up. Now, im using FreeBSD 4.9 and it comes with 
> 8.12.9p2 by default.
> I've been reading through the "Bat Book" and i've been able to figure
> out a few things , like generating a updated using the m4
> processor. Which is nice, but now im trying to figure out a few other
> things.
> One thing I want to build into sendmail is smtp-auth, which requires 
> cyrus-sasl. I went ahead and installed cyrus-sasl.
> After doing some research, I found out that I have to rebuild sendmail
> in order to get the sasl part built in.
> Sounds easy enough, but I'm confused on a few parts.
> Basically, it says that you need to create a .m4 file and then add the
> specifics of what you need. Once you do that, you are supposed to run
> the ./Build script. Well, im gathering that you need to be in
> directory in order to use the ./Build script, which is simple enough
> if you have downloaded the source. However, since I have not
> downloaded the source and im using the version that came with FreeBSD,
> I am not sure where exactly it is that I can find this ./Build script
> in order to rebuild sendmail. I know there is the directory
> /usr/share/sendmail that contains many subdirectories with
> information. But im a little confused on how i'm supposed to rebuild
> sendmail here.
> Anyone wanna point me in the right direction?
> I appreciate it.
> Jason
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