MP3 Help for a Newbie

Jeffrey P. Toth jtoth at
Mon Feb 9 21:43:36 PST 2004

I have set up FreeBSD and have set up several websites. With the websites on FreeBSD I find that clicking on a link to an .mp3 file does not invoke the clients default .mp3 player. In internet explorer it either gives a blank page or IE asks if you would like their built in media player to play the file. How I would I fix this so that clicking on an .mp3 link does call up the clients default player? All the servers I have rented space on before have done this without fail and this is a completely new problem to me which is not good since our sites deal with multiple sound files and no one can figure out how to play them now. I suspect this has something to do with mime settings but I am very new to this and have no idea. I have spent the past 3 days trying to find something on it but only found info about midi files.

Thank you


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