FDISK Can Not Find FreeBSD Drive

Peter Risdon peter at circlesquared.com
Mon Feb 9 06:55:48 PST 2004

chaucer at alumni.rice.edu wrote:

>I have installed FreeBSD on a separate HardDrive which is D: 
Not according to FreeBSD. Drive letters are used by DOS and Windows but 
not many other operating systems.  FreeBSD organises disks differently. 
Maybe try reading the handbook, including but not limited to the chapter 
on disk organisation:


>and my Win ME is on the other physical drive C:  When I ran and FDISK the FreeBSD, D: does not show. 
DOS FDISK? It won't be able to, but this isn't a fault. It doesn't 
understand the filesystem. FreeBSD fdisk? It's for a different purpose.

> Also, in Win ME the D: is non-existent--I am only 2 days old with FreeBSD--does FreeBSD make Windows unable to see the drive which is totally used by FreeBSD
No, Windows can't understand the filesystem there so it treats the drive 
as though there were no filesystem on it. It's not anything FreeBSD is 
doing. It's a lack of support in Windows for common filesystems.

> and how would I go about FDISKing the drive in the future should I desire. 
Don't. FreeBSD does not need you to run an equivalent of FDISK. As 
mentioned above, there is something called fdisk in FreeBSD and you'd 
should avoid it until you understand the issues better.

> FreeBSD is working perfectly on my two-drive system.
Great, there's no problem here to fix.


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