cdburn question.

Lowell Gilbert freebsd-questions-local at
Sun Feb 8 15:46:28 PST 2004

Jeff Elkins <bsd at> writes:

> On Sunday 08 February 2004 2:38 pm, r.w.h wrote:
> > Hello iam somewhat new to freebsd.
> > i come to findout that cdrecord does not work with ide cdrws under
> > freebsd.
> >
> > my question is seein how i have such a hard time with burncd.
> > is thier a frontend kinda like gcombust handles cdrecord.
> > someone said try cdbakeoven but iam seein it uses kde and i don't have
> > kde installed on this box.
> >
> > basicly i have always had a problem with using burncd from the cmd line.
> >
> > thanks for any help.
> Go to the handbook and read: 12.5.9 Using the ATAPI/CAM Driver
> Once you recompile your kernel with cam support, you'll be able to use 
> cdrecord with ATAPI devices. It works fine here.

Although if burncd isn't working, it's likely that the same problem
will affect cdrecord.  Trying cdrecord instead is trying to attack the
symptoms rather than the actual problem.

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