how to use X window server/client mode?

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Sat Feb 7 22:09:28 PST 2004

In the last episode (Feb 08), Zhang Weiwu said:
> Hello. I know this looks like a dump question ... I wish I can find a easy 
> tutorial, but a quick google search didn't give me one. Perhaps you can 
> tell me where to find a good tutorial.
> Now I have freebsd 5.2 & gnome 2 running on my notebook, X is started by 
> gdm. My friend's computer run RedHat linux 9. I login to gnome, ssh login 
> to my friends computer in a xterm, set $DISPLAY to be "mynotebook:0.0". 
> Then I type "gedit", I'm expecting gedit to come out on my desktop, but I 
> got "cannot open display" message.

Try with xterm, which generates much better error messages.  Possible
causes:  DISPLAY variable not exported, nothing listing on
mynotebook:0.0, "host +" or "xhost +otherserver" not run on mynotebook.

If you add the -X flag to ssh, ssh will automatically set $DISPLAY on
the other end and tunnel the display back to the local server.

	Dan Nelson
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