how to use X window server/client mode?

Zhang Weiwu weiwuzhang at
Sat Feb 7 21:59:37 PST 2004

Hello. I know this looks like a dump question ... I wish I can find a easy 
tutorial, but a quick google search didn't give me one. Perhaps you can 
tell me where to find a good tutorial.

Now I have freebsd 5.2 & gnome 2 running on my notebook, X is started by 
gdm. My friend's computer run RedHat linux 9. I login to gnome, ssh login 
to my friends computer in a xterm, set $DISPLAY to be "mynotebook:0.0". 
Then I type "gedit", I'm expecting gedit to come out on my desktop, but I 
got "cannot open display" message.

Do I need to do something like make auth or do some operation to let my 
computer trust my friends computer? I'm newbie on this topic.

Thank you. You can just point me a good article to read:)

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