struggling with hylafax installation

Alex Teslik alex at
Sat Feb 7 21:09:04 PST 2004

Oy, the second post to questions in the same day :(

So, I bought new modem and got it "working", but only kind of - the modem is
not echoing commands back to the 'cu' or 'ppp' terminals. It is a USRobotics
5610B 56K Pro Modem. It is not winmodem and the system put it on sio2.

I made all the devices in /dev eventhough they already existed.

I added a direct line to the modem in /etc/remote like:

I can connect to the modem like:
cu -l /dev/cuaa2
tip cuaa2
ppp (then 'term')

I can type commands and see them. I type ATDT1234567 and the modem picks up
and dials. So I know it hears and understands me. But it never echoes back
result information. I never see an "OK" or anything from the modem in the

The problem is that HylaFAX relies on these echo results to control its
communication with the modem. It is looking for those "OK"s. Does anyone have
any ideas on how to get the "OK"s working? I have gone through all of the AT
commands USR documents and I can't get anything. Is this a problem with 'cu'
or 'ppp' or 'tip'? The results are obviously going somewhere, but I don't know

The AT command set for this modem is documented (USR issues the same document
for all their modems - this is an online version from another model instead of
a PDF version that is posted with my specific model, but they are the same) here:

This should turn on all echos (but does not):
ATQ0 E1 F0

Any ideas appreciated!


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