problem installing 5.2.1

T. Green at
Sat Feb 7 19:49:29 PST 2004

I am trying to install version #5.1, #5.2, and #5.2.1 on my computer.
i have version # 4.9 installed and it work fine.
my system have the intel motherboard D875PBZ,1024mb of memory, 1 seagate 
80gb ata drive, and 1 seagate 80gb sata drive.
the problem i am having is :
while installing from the floppys at the second floppy loads the kernel 
and probe the hardware.
the system then hangs at sata controller, and looks for a drive to boot 
i am unable to print the screen or i lack the knowhow.
as you can see i am new at this so help if you can
thank you

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