Starting two instances of bind - method?

Chad M Stewart cms at
Sat Feb 7 10:45:16 PST 2004

I want to run two instances of Bind 9 on the same box.  Both will be 
chrooted and have their own IPs.  At some point I may choose to put 
them in jails, but for now no.  One step at a time. :)

I'm wondering what suggestions people might have for getting each 
started up during the normal boot process.  I see the options in 
/etc/defaults/rc.conf and could put my own stuff in /etc/rc.conf but as 
far as I can tell that would only work for a single instance.  How 
would I get the other instance to start up?   The same binary can be 
used for both, just different configuration files and chroots.


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