Acu Cobol 6.0 for Linux

Walter C. Pelissero walter at
Sat Feb 7 08:59:01 PST 2004

Dan Nelson writes:
 > In the last episode (Feb 04), Walter C. Pelissero said:
 > > A side note.  What is the impact of this IPC_64 flag on the FreeBSD
 > > code?  Can we ignore it, or does it mean that the Linux emulator is
 > > outdated regarding this "new" flag?
 > Linux IPC_64 support was added to the 5.x tree over a year ago but
 > never got merged back to 4.x.  It looks like there are different
 > structures for the IPC_64 case, so just stripping the IPC_64 bit won't
 > work.  Take a look at
 > - it was a mega-commit, so there's more than just the IPC_64 stuff, but
 > it's pretty easy to pick out the right bits (basically anything with a
 > 64 in it :).

I've been spending the last two days upgrading to 5.2.1.-RC.

Well, beside the predictable cultural impact (a few things have
changed from 4.9), the first impression was that the Linux emulator
worked much better, in fact it runs Acu Cobol 6.0 for Linux flawlessly!

There are still some minor details that don't work as expected
(ACPI-S1 and cardbus) and some that stopped working (snd_pcm).  These
will probably require delving in the documentation or possibly waiting
for 5.3.  But devfs and devd alone are worth upgrading.

Congratulations guys.  You've done an awesome job!

walter pelissero

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