Strange connect attempts

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First the message you are getting is issued by the log-in-vain
sysctl knob.
log-in-vain has bug where it does it's filter task on internal
packets instead of just on the external interface.
This bug has been reported many times and the maint team feels this
is too trivial of an bug to fix.
What is causing it is sendmail, every time you post mail to sendmail
server it issues the biff packet to inform the local user that they
have mail. This is the normal way sendmail works. You can customize
sendmail and disable this function if you can figure out how to do
that, or disable log-in-vain will also stop the messages.
Log-in-vain is not really needed if you have firewall, as firewall
sees all the packets coming in from the public internet first and
drops these types of offending packets as technically invalid before
the filter rules even get a chance at them.

Best advice is disable  Log-in-vain, and let system continue to
function as normal without this Log-in-vain bug causing you any more
false log messages problems.

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Hello everybody,

Under FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE on i386 I get lots of kernel messages like
this one:

Feb  7 12:38:01 neuromancer kernel: Connection attempt to UDP from

/etc/services has this to say on Port 512/udp:
biff            512/udp    comsat       #used by mail system to

Is there any way I can get rid of these messages? From the fact they
show up on my console, I assume port 512 is not open. Should I open
The machine is on a local network with me being the only user, so
security considerations aren't that important, really. =)
On the other hand, what do I need it for? I'd rather have it just

Any hints?

Thank you very much,

kind regards,

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