Strange connect attempts

Colin Raven me at
Sat Feb 7 04:26:51 PST 2004

 > Under FreeBSD 5.2-RELEASE on i386 I get lots of kernel messages like
> this one:
> Feb  7 12:38:01 neuromancer kernel: Connection attempt to UDP
> from
> /etc/services has this to say on Port 512/udp:
> biff            512/udp    comsat       #used by mail system to notify
> users
> Is there any way I can get rid of these messages? From the fact they
> show up on my console, I assume port 512 is not open. Should I open it?
> The machine is on a local network with me being the only user, so
> security considerations aren't that important, really. =)
> On the other hand, what do I need it for? I'd rather have it just shut
> up.
> Any hints?

Comment out anything to do with 512 in /etc/services thusly:
#exec            512/tcp
#biff            512/udp
(I have both tcp and udp traffic disabled, there just isn't any need for
either port to be in use)
If in doubt BTW, make yourself a changelog somewhere in your $HOME and in
that file record EXACTLY what you do each time something like this
happens. Then if something quits working for no readily apparent reason,
go back to your changelog and decide what to redo...but one thing at a
time until whatever quit works again.
Anyway, I digress...back to this matter:

Check /etc/inted.conf, look for the entry:
comsat dgram   udp     wait    tty:tty /usr/libexec/comsat     comsat

Comment it out as shown with a "#":
#comsat dgram   udp     wait    tty:tty /usr/libexec/comsat     comsat

As root, stop and restart inetd:

[root at snotbox] # ps -aux |grep inetd
root       111  0.0  0.1  1096  600  ??  Ss   Thu02PM 0:00.32
/usr/sbin/inetd -wW
root    30881  0.0  0.0   272  148  p0  R+    1:16PM   0:00.00 grep inetd

[root at snotbox] # kill -HUP 111

Regards & HTH,

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