Problem compiling a driver

Roy Fokker royfokkker at
Thu Feb 5 23:37:29 PST 2004

Hello everyone.
I am trying to compile a network driver for a Nforce2 motherboard, from 
source downloaded from The problem is that when i execute make, 
i get this error message:

"   "Makefile", Line 25: Missing dependency operator.
     make: fatal errors, cannot continue.                    "

I have not edited the Makefile, so it makes me curious as to why it 
shouldn´t compile.
The OS is FreeBSD 5.1 Release.

This is the content of the Makefile.

# Makefile for passing make commands down to subdirectories
# Targets:
# all: build drivers
# install: install into proper place
#     - used when building and installing from tar file
# installrpm: install into tmp location.
#     -used by rpm, which can't handle conditional paths

.PHONY: dummy

SUBDIRS = nvnet nvaudio nvgart
SUBDIR_make       =  $(patsubst %,%_make, $(SUBDIRS))
SUBDIR_install    =  $(patsubst %,%_install, $(SUBDIRS))
SUBDIR_installrpm =  $(patsubst %,%_installrpm, $(SUBDIRS))
SUBDIR_uninstall    =  $(patsubst %,%_uninstall, $(SUBDIRS))

.PHONY: subdirs $(SUBDIRS)

#Use by nvnet and nvaudio Makefiles for install
export UID = $(shell id -u)

all: $(SUBDIR_make)

install: $(SUBDIR_install)
installrpm: $(SUBDIR_installrpm)
uninstall: $(SUBDIR_uninstall)

$(SUBDIR_make): dummy
	$(MAKE) -C $(patsubst %_make, %, $@)

$(SUBDIR_install): dummy
	$(MAKE) -C $(patsubst %_install, %, $@) install

$(SUBDIR_installrpm): dummy
	$(MAKE) -C $(patsubst %_installrpm, %, $@) installrpm

$(SUBDIR_uninstall): dummy
	$(MAKE) -C $(patsubst %_uninstall, %, $@) uninstall

I am new at this, so ANY input is apreciated.

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