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Simon Barner barner at
Thu Feb 5 02:14:52 PST 2004


>                  I just bought BSDfree version 5.1 because I had very good 
> comments about your operating system. Our company is planning to use as a NAT 
> server . I want to know where can I take some courses to have at least the 
> basics that it looks to be an awesome operating system.

For a production system, the 5.x branch of FreeBSD (sic!) is not quite
ready yet, so you should better go with FreeBSD 4.9 (FreeBSD 4.x is the
so-called stable branch at the present).

If you insist in deploying FreeBSD 5.x, please note that FreeBSD 5.2 is
already out.

Before you start getting angry about having bought an out-dated version
of FreeBSD, please consider the following: Depending on where you bought
your CD set, it is possible, that you supported the project.

You can download the very latest version (either 4.9 or 5.2) from a
mirror near you (for free!):

There is also the possibilty to do a network install of FreeBSD, and
there are several ways to keep it up-to-date.

To learn about all that, you should have a look at the handbook, which
is available online at:,

and, if you install the documentation package, on your local hard drive:


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