Acu Cobol 6.0 for Linux

Dan Nelson dnelson at
Tue Feb 3 18:07:13 PST 2004

In the last episode (Feb 04), Walter C. Pelissero said:
> A side note.  What is the impact of this IPC_64 flag on the FreeBSD
> code?  Can we ignore it, or does it mean that the Linux emulator is
> outdated regarding this "new" flag?

Linux IPC_64 support was added to the 5.x tree over a year ago but
never got merged back to 4.x.  It looks like there are different
structures for the IPC_64 case, so just stripping the IPC_64 bit won't
work.  Take a look at
- it was a mega-commit, so there's more than just the IPC_64 stuff, but
it's pretty easy to pick out the right bits (basically anything with a
64 in it :).

	Dan Nelson
	dnelson at

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