timeouts on network adapter

Per olof Ljungmark peo at intersonic.se
Mon Feb 2 17:06:38 PST 2004

Running 4.9-RELEASE-p1 on a older SMP system (Compaq PL1850R) and having 
tried the following adapters: Intel Pro100 (fxp), Pro1000 (em), 3C905B,C 
(xl) and finally the built-in Thunderlan based adapter.

All of them is having problems (timeouts) since a while back and some 
reading points to issues introduced late last year.

Since I'm not sure how to handle this and I would welcome advices how to 
resolve the situation. Can I back only a specific part of the OS or do I 
have to downgrade completely or is there a fix?

Grateful for your replies,
Per olof

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