FreeBSD and Grub

Charlie Schluting charlie at
Mon Feb 2 15:13:26 PST 2004

Joe Lewis wrote:
> Try :
>     root (hd0,3)
>     chainloader +1
> This causes the grub program to load the first sector of the BSD 
> partition, which is a subMBR and handles loading the OS.
> Joe

I'm posting this to the list, because I couldn't find it documented 
anywhere. I was looking around about how to install the fbsd boot 
manager to the boot sector of this partition, but it seems it is done by 

Removing 'kernel /boot/loader' and adding 'chainloader +1' (instead of 
keeping both, like some docs suggest) worked perfectly.

Thanks Joe!

> Charlie Schluting wrote:
>> root(hd0,3,a)
>> kernel /boot/loader
>> Upon boot attempt, I see:
>> Filesystem type unknown, partition type 0xa5
>> Error 17: Cannot mount selected partition.

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