conf/62230: log-in-vain issues it's msg every time 'mail'command is used.

Didier Wiroth didier.wiroth at
Mon Feb 2 11:32:54 PST 2004

I thought I would share my experience, with log_in_vain. :-))

When setting:

Sendmail only listens to

I only need sendmail to send daily/weekly/monthly reports. Every time the security report is sent, I have these entries too:
> Connection attempt to TCP from flags:0x02
> Connection attempt to TCP from flags:0x02

There are not hundreds of entries of course only 6 or something depending of the quantity of sent mails

It would be nice to have a/some flag(s) in rc.conf for log_in_vain like:
-ii would be "ignore interfaces" for example
This would be very useful on a host with multiple interfaces.
In this case log_in_vain would ignore entries for and (would be an internal interface). 

Even if it is not a bug it would a nice little plus. ;-)


> It's not that I don't think it's a bug that warrants attention; I 
> don'tthink it's a bug at all.
> Ceri

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