boot.config problem, can't boot

Mike Jackson mjj at
Sun Feb 1 03:06:10 PST 2004

 I was doing some work on my gateway and decided to tighten up the
security a bit...

 In essence, I had "-h" in /boot.config, but I commented it out (because
I thought that somehow comments would be understood). So, now I have
"#-h" in /boot.config, which by the way I set the immutable flag on
according to one unofficial HOWTO I was reading. BTW, the comment in the
/boot.config was not part of that HOWTO. It was my own lack of
understanding about how that file is parsed during boot. Yes, I feel
stupid, but I'm also wondering why the file can't include a comment. I
think that this a bug.

 And then I rebooted for some other reason. And now, I can't get past
the boot: prompt. The #-h is not understood and I can't override it.

 There are some changes to files which are on that box that I'd like to
keep, which have been made since the last backup. Is there any way to
recover from this situation, or is it "re-install" time?

Mike Jackson

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