OpenLdap question - solved

Darryl Hoar darryl at
Thu Apr 29 08:20:28 PDT 2004

>>I am trying to setup OpenLdap 2.0.25 from ports,
>>on Freebsd 5.1-release. everything is installed no
>>problem.  openldap is started and shows running
>>in the process list.
>>when I try to ldapadd, I get the error:
>>ldap_bind:  Can't contact LDAP server.

>>I have started and stopped it, with no change in
>>the error.  The log shows clean without error.
>>when I netstat -a, I see:
>>Proto Recv-Q Send-Q  Local Address          Foreign Address        (state)
>>tcp6       0      0  *.ldap                 *.*                    LISTEN
>>among other entries.  this is the only one for ldap though.
>>It appears to only be listening for tcp6 protocol, not tcp4.  How do I
>>change this ?

I hate to answer my own question , but to help others that
might search later, here it it.

The problem (  if it is one), is that the startup script located
in /usr/local/etc/rc.d called has a configurable
argument that launches slapd either listening for tcp4, tcp6
or both.  The default script ( the one installed as part of the
port make, make install routine) is set with no arguments
specified.  The result is that slapd only listens for tcp6
traffic.  The comments in the code show examples of
arguments to get it to listen to tcp4.  Once I set the argument
string properly in the file, it listens for tcp4 and thus
responds when queried.

Sorry for the wasted bandwith.

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