usb probs ehci works vs uhci hangs with Linksys usb200M ( axe0 )

mark mark at
Thu Apr 29 07:04:54 PDT 2004

I'm looking for a work around to this usb ethernet problem.

With FreeBSD-5.2.1-p5, "device ehci" added to the default GENERIC kernel,
the axe device works fine in USB 2.0 mode, when plugged in after boot.

However, without ehci, uhci tries to attach the device and hangs with
"read PHY failed". If booted with device plugged, boot stops. If device is
plugged in after boot, the axe module hangs, looping forever on the read
error (you can unplug the device but usb never deregisters it) but the
system remains useable.

If the system has ehci enabled, and is booted with the device plugged in,
it hangs when uhci module is loaded because it begins immediate probe
before ehci is loaded. Thus it is impossible to boot the system in any
config with the device plugged in at boot.

Is there any way to disable USB autoprobing, to send a signal or something
to tell it when to start probing. Alternatively, is there a way to prevent
USB probing until all USB controllers are loaded (specifically, the ehci

Any help would be appreciated.

The machine is a Shuttle XPC 41G and only has one onboard NIC.


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