FreeBSD trademark

Dr Andros C Bragianos androsb at
Tue Apr 27 06:14:00 PDT 2004


The page titled
           "Trademark Legend"
has the line
"FreeBSD is a registered trademark of Wind River Systems, Inc. This is 
expected to change soon."

Is this statement still accurate ?
e.g.  Do I use the statement as is, or is Wind River Systems still the
owner and the text "This is expected to change soon." can be disgarded ?
Or, is there a new owner ? If so, who is it ?.

The reason for these questions are:
[1] Trademark citation for KNL's website.
[2] I have read conflicting "rumours" on the Internet about
     the trademark status of FreeBSD.

Thank you.

Telos .....

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