postfix don't use DNS

Arek Czereszewski arek at
Tue Apr 27 06:10:23 PDT 2004


I have problem with daemons working on server.
Postfix and qpoper dont use DNS. All connections is always show as:
connect unknown[] // this my workstation
But i know, this machine have DNS record and RevDNS.

 From workstations nslookup and any others things using my DNS work fine.

DNS, postfix and qpopper work on this same machine.
I think this is some ipfw error but i don't know where :(
I use firewall based on rc.firewall

Here part of rules script:

# Allow access to our DNS
${fwcmd} add pass tcp from any to me 53 setup
${fwcmd} add pass udp from any to me 53
${fwcmd} add pass udp from me 53 to any

# Allow DNS queries out in the world
${fwcmd} add pass udp from me to any 53 keep-state


And error is when i try cvsup:
#cvsup /etc/cvsup
Unknown host ""

Can somebody help me?

Thank you
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