Upgrading Packages and Ports

User Shane shane at random.randomwords.ca
Mon Apr 26 14:03:40 PDT 2004

Hello Everyone,
This is my first post so please pardon me if I mess up here...

I installed 4.9 STABLE about 6 months ago and have been happy ever since. 4.9 is
running on a Pentium 166. It isn't a production server in any way but a hobby
machine to learn BSD.

At the time, I seemed to me that the best route to runningn the services I
wanted was to install the bigger more difficult ones from the CD like bind
and sendmail.

The rest of the services I wanted: MySQL, apache, mod_php, etc I built from 

I happened upon some articles about FreeBSD on O'Reilly about keeping up to date
and I tried to implement some of them.

I CVSup'd a new ports list, updated the pkg data base and then ran 'pkg_version'
to tell me if I had the most current versions.

The listing told me that I had some outdated ones, so I used 'portsupgrade -arR'
and things seemed to be going well.

Abscent from the list was Sendmail and Bind. Despite the fact that both of those 
serices were running well.

So, as an experiment I went to /usr/ports/mail/sendmail and strangely sendmail
was built with 'make install clean'

pkg_version tells me that I have sendmail 8.10.12 (something like that)

but when I 'telnet 25' sendmail tells me that it's a lower version

Some ports like 'phpmyadmin' automatically upgraded themseleves ... 
I am missing some thing here, but what?

Thanks in advance for any insight you can share.


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