Perl Help For Newbie

Aaron Peterson aaron at
Mon Apr 26 13:49:17 PDT 2004

for your regex, you might try something like:

foreach $line (@input_file)
    if ( ($val1,$val2,$val3) = $line =~
        /\$(\d\.\d\d)\s+\$(\d\.\d\d)\s+\$(\d\.\d\d)/ )
        $changed = sprintf "%.2f",$val1 * 1.5;
        s/\$\d\.\d\d\s+\$\d\.\d\d\s+\$\d\.\d\d/\$$changed \$$val3/;

perhaps the calculation and substitution could all be done in one line,
but it makes my head hurt to think about it.


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