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Mon Apr 26 10:47:10 PDT 2004

I separated these into two separate posts because they deal with different

On Mon, Apr 26, 2004 at 01:22:31PM -0400, Bill Moran wrote:
> I can imagine that you're frustrated right now, but your response is
> pretty much out of line.  If you don't like FreeBSD and the way things
> are done, use something else.  If your employer is forcing you to use
> something you can't stand, then seek out another job and pass the work
> on to someone who'd appreciate it (me, for one).
> This has probably been said 10000 times, but:
> FreeBSD is a free project.  If you don't like the way things are being
> done, you're welcome to do them differently.  If you want someone to
> do it for you, feel free to fork out some money ... I'm sure I'm not
> the only consultant who likes working on FreeBSD, and likes it even
> better when he's getting paid to do it.
Perhaps I am just confused, but to me "if you don't like the way things are
done" means that I have to have made a decision about that.  I haven't yet
made any decision of the sort.  

I have reported things I consider to be problems.  None of them involve
"the way it is done" and they universally involve how "the way it is done"
could be better documented.

Now, if a set of patches were proposed and I were to respond to that and
say "I disagree with that approach", well then, maybe that's not liking how
it is done.  But things haven't gone that far.

So far the only thing that has happened is that I have followed the
instructions for submitting a PR which explicitly state that it should be
brought up on the mailing list first (section 3, Preparations) before
creating a PR.

I've done that, and I've been repeatedly attacked for having done so.

There are a great many things about FreeBSD that I very explicitly like
"the way it is done".  It's really only how people on the mailing list are
willing to instantly switch to (1) insulting the person and (2) assuming
that any reported fault is an attack against the entire process (like you
did above) that I have a problem with.

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