IMAP server and client recommendations?

Chris Shenton chris at
Fri Apr 23 08:59:23 PDT 2004

"Clarence Brown" <clabrown at> writes:

> You could download Eudora for Windows and import
> the outlook email into Eudora. It stores the email in
> mbox format. I don't know if their mbox format is fully
> unix standard, but they are the same people that maintain
> the qpopper pop3 daemon, so they obviously understand
> unix mbox format.

When Eudora uploads to an IMAP server, it damages the message.  It
mutates MIME headers and puts in fake HTML which only Eudora can
recognize.   Been through this with a bunch of customers, lots of
scripts to fix the Eudora-damaged mail, not any fun. It's stupid for
them to intentionally break MIME-formatted mail but that's what they do.

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