IMAP server and client recommendations?

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Fri Apr 23 06:00:59 PDT 2004

You could download Eudora for Windows and import
the outlook email into Eudora. It stores the email in
mbox format. I don't know if their mbox format is fully
unix standard, but they are the same people that maintain
the qpopper pop3 daemon, so they obviously understand
unix mbox format.

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> On Apr 21, 2004, at 21:22, Danny MacMillan wrote:
> >Hello.
> >
> >I have six or seven hundred megabytes of email imprisoned in a few
> >.pst (Microsoft Outlook "Personal Folders") files.  I've been looking
> >for an alternative email client lately.  Of course, the issue is
> >converting these old messages so that they are usable by the new
> >software -- ideally so that multiple clients could access the mail.
> >The thought that immediately occurred to me was that one of the
> >standard Unix formats -- mbox or maildir -- would be appropriate for
> >this task.
> >
> >After scouring the internet for possibilities for converting between
> >the hated .pst format and mbox or Maildir, I found a few people who'd
> >seemingly hit upon an ideal solution:  add an IMAP folder to Outlook
> >and copy their mail to that folder, then do the reverse inside a
> >client that stores its mail in mbox or maildir format.
> Almost right, but not quite.  You set up an IMAP server that stores
> mail in the desired format, add the IMAP support to Outlook, and then
> drag/drop the mail into the IMAP mailbox.  There is no equivalent
> client-side export needed.
> And yes, in my experience this is BY FAR the easiest/fastest/best
> approach to get mail from a .pst file to something else.  Caveat is
> that you have to have an Outlook installation available to do it, not
> just the .pst file.
> >Then it struck me -- =leaving= the mail in the IMAP server would give
> >me even more flexibility.
> Blinding flash of the obvious?  ;)
> >Is it feasible to use the IMAP server as a mail storage solution like
> >this?
> Sure, that's what they're designed for.
> >  Can anyone recommend a good IMAP server (for FreeBSD of course) and
> >give me some tips on considerations for choosing one?  I blush to say
> >it, but I've never even had an IMAP account.
> The main contenders are Cyrus, Courier, and UW-IMAP.  Biggest
> consideration is probably what format you want to store the mail in.  I
> prefer mbox format, so use UW-IMAP.  It is configured to pull mail from
> the standard spool directory, and store it in a /mail directory of my
> user account.
> The big advantage of using IMAP (for me) is that I can access my mail
> from a web based server (Squirrelmail) while at work, pine when on the
> road, and OS X's when at home on my PowerBook.  Even when I'm
> reading mail on the server box itself the access is actually through
> the IMAP server.  It's an OS X G5 now, but I did the exact same thing
> when it was a FreeBSD Intel box.
> KeS
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> There's a note for future reference.  If you want to run a large email
> server that'll play friendly with Outlook, OS mail clients, and webmail,
> use an IMAP server.  Question:  Is Exchange an IMAP server, or is
> Exchange kinda it's own thing?  Maybe, rather, does Exchange speak IMAP?
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